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Which Kettlebell Should You Choose?

 Kettlebell is a King not only in the gym but also at home.

Across India, many gyms have now started kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells are included for cardio/strength and conditioning as a rehab exercises.

Types of Kettlebells

 1. Casting Kettlebells 

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The kettlebells, which are rubber coated and are not of long term usage. The wrist gets bruised while doing cleans and it is painful. Repetative reps produce more heat due to momentum which can cause bruises on arms.


 2. Steel Handle Kettlebells


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These kind of kettlebells are not suitable for lifting experience because it hampers the wrist due to abrasion handle.




3. Flat Shape Kettlebells

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It look fancy but not for lifting weights. The design of the kettlebell hurts more while doing cleans and this is only good for swings and not for heavy swings.



4. Plastic Kettlebells

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 It does not absorb the sweat because these are non standard kettlebells and the handle leads to injuries while training.



5. Professional Grade Competition Kettlebells

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 This is the standard kettlebell to maximize the results and it is suitable for physical activities. The shape and size are same as 8 kg to 32 kg. The Competition kettlebell is the best for exercises as well as juggling.

The competition kettlebell is the best kettlebell for kettlebell juggling | India

Here you can see the details

In the competition, the starting weight the kettlebell is 8kg.

If the body weight is under 60kg, then choose 8 kg competition kettlebell.

If you're in between 60- 75 kg, then take 12 kg competition kettlebell.

If you're more than 75kg, then 16kg competition kettlebell is good.

I highly recommend for women to start with 8kg and do not take more weights for juggling.

Choose the kettlebell according to your weight.


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